Pelada [CAN] & Jakub Adamec [CZ] | 11. 2. Kabinet Múz, Brno


Rising stars of the Montreal electronic scene, Pelada have resonated with audiences for their unique blend of early Chicago house, Detroit techno and inspired dance music with fierce Spanish vocals – dubbed by some as “acid punk”. The duo, comprised of vocalist Chris Vargas and producer Tobias Rochman, create a sound combining a patchwork of sequenced analogue synths, drum machines, voice and samplers that is both urgent and powerful. As a result, their live sets are living and breathing entities, energetic and combative.

Nedávno Jakubovi vyšlo solo album „Are You Human? Confirmed.“
Na MikMusik a BDTA. Jakub je také známý jako 1 půlka dua Ilove69popgajů.



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Pelada [CAN] & Jakub Adamec [CZ] | 11. 2. Kabinet Múz, Brno